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Imran Khan: I’ve conquered my fear of dying
Police braced for Imran Khan supporters closing in on capital after 240-mile march

Husband fears for celebrated medic Taira captured by Russian soldiers
Luhansk defenders face a choice: flee or be surrounded by Russians
Ukrainian drones drop grenades on Russian soldiers
Russian soldiers leave Ukrainian city of Kharkiv but shelling goes on
Russians in retreat as Zelensky hails ‘liberation’ of villages in the east

Circus school gives Afghan girls laughter in dark times
A year on, Afghan drone strike survivors fight to rebuild their lives in US
Afghan children suffer the deadly legacy of years of war
One of my sons died when he fell from a plane at Kabul airport, and I still don’t know the other’s fate
The inside story of how America tracked down and killed Ayman al-Zawahiri
Tens of thousands flee fighting between Taliban and rebels
Afghanistan earthquake: Little miracle among the deadly chaos
We are not terrorists says survivor as airstrikes in Afghanistan kill 47
The Taliban stopped her mother’s education. Now they’re taking hers too
Ski competition is an all-male affair under Taliban rule

Afghanistan’s ‘disappeared’ women: an arrest by the Taliban, then a bullet-riddled body
Taliban take control in the last outpost of female freedom
British trio shelter hundreds of Nato workers ‘abandoned in Afghanistan’
Afghan women’s radio show can remain on the airwaves … for now
‘We had hopes — the Taliban have destroyed them,’ says Afghan student
Salvation at last for passengers on final civilian flight out of Kabul
Women in Afghanistan: ‘All we did for our country is gone. I can’t begin to explain it’

Seeds of Afghan resistance take root in valley where peace is key
‘I’m still in shock. Kabul looks so different in a day’
Eerie silence, a body in the road . . . they were here
Desperate Afghans plunge to deaths from departing US planes as Kabul airport overrun
Afghanistan: ‘I’m still in shock. Kabul looks so different in a day’
Kabul brought to an eerie standstill as helicopters evacuate embassy staff
Panic on streets of Kabul as Taliban enter capital from all sides
Women live in fear of Taliban return
Afghan pilots quit as Taliban take five cities in three days
Afghan warlords rejoin the fight to defeat the Taliban
Inside the fight for Herat, as the Taliban threaten Afghanistan’s third biggest city
We walked 18 hours, no food’: Taliban advance triggers exodus of Afghans
Water crisis heightens the risk of famine in Afghanistan
The battle for Mazar-i-Sharif: Meet the volunteers fighting back against the Taliban on Afghanistan’s front line
Risk of collapse: Panic sweeps Afghanistan as the Taliban surges amid US exit
Tala is afraid / Tala hat Angst

Afghan families abandon homes as drought claims first victims
ArtLords of Afghanistan: how artists are using murals to fight for peace despite threats
My husband beats me and strangers call me a whore. I’m still proud to serve my country

Mild winter in Afghanistan threatens staple potato crop
Freedom on slopes: the women skiers of Afghanistan
Afghanistan’s skiing competition a chance to forget the worries of war
How a rising female minister is fighting to dismantle Afghanistan’s patriarchy
‘Shot at by both sides’: Families flee as Taliban battles for territory in Kandahar
Taliban creep closer to capturing former heartland as lack of pay undermines Afghan forces
Afghans abandon homes and farms as they flee violence in Kandahar
Afghan business owners fear increasing Taliban violence as US troops leave

Conversations From Calais: the powerful design project giving a voice to refugees

Coronavirus: Refugees trapped in Balkans as Europe’s borders closed
‘I’m desperate to reach him’: Syrian trying to save brother in UK stranded in Greek refugee camp
Pressure mounts on crowded Greek islands as migrant arrivals surge

Hong Kong
Wealthy businessmen among anonymous ride share network providing Hong Kong protesters safe passage home
Hong Kong police vs protesters – an insider’s story
How art is bringing people together in the midst of the Hong Kong protests

‘Isis is back, not just regrouping — and next year will be worse’
Mosul appoints new governor amid acrimony as predecessor refuses to step down

Family speak of grief, loss and anger after brutal torture of Jordanian teen
Jordan tourism sector will be last to recover from coronavirus impact, minister says
Free as a bird: How pigeons have become a source of solace for Jordanians in lockdown​​​​​​​
Domestic abuse in lockdown: Jordanian woman’s video goes viral

Coronavirus: Jordan begins uncontrolled hydroxychloroquine trial
‘It’s typically considered to be a man’s job’: the documentary spotlighting female plumbers in Jordan
‘Too late for thousands’: Yemen mercy flights present little relief for country’s sick
How blockchain technology has changed the game for Syrian refugees in Jordan

How a groundbreaking soil-less farming initiative is empowering rural communities across Jordan
Jordan’s teachers call off strike following ‘historic’ deal
Jordanian teachers on trial after strikes leave classrooms empty for 11th day
Wheels in motion: the skateboarders sending out an inclusive message in Amman
From refugee to rescuer: bringing food to the masses in Al Baqaa

Mismanaged energy sector destroys viability of Jordan’s industrial businesses

Activism focused cafe defies growing left-wing oppression in Jerusalem
Jerusalem’s tolerant spaces under threat in escalating political battle

Gaza scholarship students plead for Rafah exit permit
Remembering Mavi Marmara: ‘We really believed we would reach Gaza’

Spanish fortress town shuts itself off from the world – and coronavirus

Syria’s exiled academics struggle to rebuild careers wrecked by war
Syrian writer gives voice to victims of war

It’s business time in Turkish housewives’ gender equality battle
Turkey’s LGBT community vows to march for Pride despite crackdown fears
Putin cements powerful new alliance with Iran and Turkey in challenge to Trump
Can Syrians find a new home in Turkey, or just temporary refuge?

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